Different Bunk Bed Plans for kids

Published: 15th September 2010
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A bunk bed is a kind of beds where a bed is stacked on top of another. It is one of the best looking and economy multiple accommodation process, which allows enjoying more space value of a room. Although bunk beds are used in kid’s room, specialty, there are other applications of bunk beds like summer camp cabins, hostel dormitories, university residence halls, and in some instances in prison cells.

However in common residential unit, these loft type beds are mostly used in kid’s room for accommodation of more than one kid in single room or to accommodate all the necessary setting of a child within a small and single room- se- up. Therefore as bunk beds are primarily meant for kids, it is available mostly in 3ft sizes. In some cases the lower bed is available in 4ft 6 inches sizes with the upper bed with 3ft size, which may accommodate an adult person in requirement.

With modern improvisation and functionality, bunk beds are nowadays available with versatile option which can be a perfect item for modern room decoration plan. As these beds are usually used for kids’ room decoration, these are available out of wide variety of bright and cool colors as great accessory for kids’ fun and entertainment. Bunk beds are commonly made with two basic materials; one is wood and the second general option is metal. In between metals wrought iron, and aluminum are both used however, combination of these two metals in making a bed is often found as a popular bunk bed options.

Out of metallic option some of the most popular items of bunk type beds are Brodie Silver Kids Beds, Sweet Dreams Soria Metal Beds comes metallic leather, sweet Dreams Zeke High Sleeper, Vancouver Silver beds, Joseph 3ft Twin Metal Bunk Beds, Nexus Triple Sleeper beds, Sweet Dream Toy Futon, and Joseph 3 ft 3 sleeper beds are great in demand and enjoys great appreciation in metal bunk bed sale options.

From the point of durability metallic bunk type beds might be the first choice for kids’ rooms although wooden furniture has its classy elegance and goes perfectly well with traditional and contemporary furnishing styles. Some of the most popular options of wooden bunk beds are Verona America 2ft 6 Pine Beds, Verona America Single Pine Beds, Verona Milano 2ft 6 Pine Beds, Surrey 3ft Pine Beds, and Verona Trieste 3ft Pine Beds etc. Proper placement and coordination with other elementary items essential for a kid’s room with bunk type beds can make a perfect, safe, and adorable home décor for kids.

Most of these items described till now are loft bunk beds where the upper beds are used for sleeping arrangement and lower bunk is used for different activities. These beds are best for school-going kids.

Trundle bunk beds come with big storage drawer into which an extra mattress box slides in and can be taken out in requirement. It is kind of hide-away type of beds which require two separate mattresses for use. Verona Captains 3ft Bergamo Single Pine Beds with under bed and storage and Verona Pine Beds Ferrara Captains 3ft Single Bed are popular options for Trundle bunk beds.

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